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our mission

Our mission is to maintain our dominant leadership position in our local market and strive to operate at sub-regional level by assuring the supply of petroleum products in an environmentally friendly manner while offering superior value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders based on a proud corporate culture with emphasis on safety consciousness, profit optimization, corporate expansion thereby contributing to national development.

our vision

Our vision is to build a well-run dominant petroleum company in Liberia that is poised to compete in the West African sub-region.

our culture

Our culture is to develop a disciplined family with an institutional culture working towards building a great company.

our value

The core values of our institution are anchored on:

  • Safe Working Environments
  • Good Customer Service
  • High-Quality Products
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Building Positive Teams

company history

By way of introduction, the history of NP (SL) can be traced as far back as 1954 when British Petroleum acquired 100% equity from Atlantic West African Oil Company which was managed and Operated by Paterson Zochhonis.

In 1977, British Petroleum acquired the shares of AGIP and operated until June 1984 when the Government of Sierra Leone acquired 60% shares from British Petroleum Sierra Leone Ltd. and this new company became Sierra Leone National Petroleum Company.

Towards the end of 1984, British Petroleum Sierra Leone Ltd. divested their remaining 40% of the company’s equity to the Precious Minerals and Mining Company an indigenous company in Sierra Leone.

In 1996, the company was privatized in which government sold 55% of its 60% equity to Leone Oil and the remaining 5% to its staff. It is a 100% wholly owned indigenous company.

In February 2011, in a bid to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the company, Sierra Leone National Company was rebranded and changed its name to NP (SL) Ltd.