NP Sierra Leone Rebranding

by Aug 14, 2019News

The ceremony attracted senior government officials, stakeholders and members of the public who were chanting praises and clamoring for the good legacies of the institution in the country. In welcoming members, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mike Carol stated that the new logo and cooperate identity that is about to be launched is very significant and means a lot to the development of the country, adding that on the 5th May 1997, government sold sixty percent( 60%) of its shares to the private sector.

Due to this wise initiative, the company is now privately owned by indigenes, and as a result, its name and logo have been changed. He also commended the staff for their commitment.
Mr. Carol furthered that the Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in all these developmental strides and sittings and company policies. He added that the Board got its mandate from the shareholders of the company and they are responsible citizens who abide with the caprices of the law and willing to uphold the tenets of the company by meeting it cooperates social responsibility.

The Marketing Manager Kobi Walker in his statement said that “we are rebranding and revitalizing the company which is the biggest and largest in the petroleum industry for sustainability”. He added that we have rebranded the whole system to meet the taste of our consumer service “We have changed our name from NP Sierra Leone to limited (NP-SL) LTD in a bid to take the name of the country into the International Business Arena as we have done in the neighboring countries, and we have the largest storage capacity in the country he dilated”.

Mr. Mohamed Babatunde Cole, the Managing Director hailed the day as historic in the history of of the country, whilst Mr. Vincent Kanu disclosed that the company is in a good state. I inherited a good company aiming at developing a dominant oil company in Sierra Leone and in the sub-region. He divulged, explaining that the yellow color of the company signifies vegetation. Mr. Mohamed Babatunde Cole concluded by saying that their main aim is to provide standard customer service. His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma performing the official unveiling ceremony called on other private sectors to copy NP (SL) LTD; he added that when he took up government he made a commitment to the people to develop the private sector as an engine for economic growth today. “Today”, the President maintained, “in a bid to rebranding Sierra Leone practical examples are seen in the Agricultural sector, private sector, and Electricity. NP (SL) LTD is totally now own by indigenes. My government will continue to work in the interest of the citizens.

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